Summer Solstice

Magical morning at yesterdays summer solstice celebrations, with The Anglesey Druid Order, at the Bryn Celli Ddu burial chamber on Anglesey.

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The Bell Family Christmas Card

This years Bell family Christmas card, now in it's 14th year, comes into its own today with literally one sleep until Christmas! If you'd like to receive the printed version, inbox me your address. Have a sweet Christmas x

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#Margate, The Last Day of Summer.

I'm always returning to Margate with my camera, due to the joy and wonder I remember from coming here for my holidays as a child.

Margate is a classic British seaside town that has had its ups and downs. It still retains its magic, but it can be difficult to see sometimes, unless you really look.

On what seemed like the last day of summer, a crazy day of weather ended with some magic hour late light. Margate revealed itself to be as spectacular as I'd always imagined.

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Four ads for a current global campaign for amazingly interesting, innovative, carbon neutral, inspiring business, Interface. Beautifully produced by We are Good London. Using bespoke, commissioned, portrait photography by me! James Bell Photography.

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New Website!

I have a new website! Much like the old website, but with more bells and whistles. I'm talking to you from my new blog. You can now view all my images, on your phone, on your tablet, possibly your watch...It's all going on...Feedback to me, share with me, hey, lets go for a pint!

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Trading Places

I was commissioned to shoot a “perfect perspective” photograph of the front of Taj Stores in brick lane. It’s a double fronted Asian grocers and one of the oldest in the UK. The photograph was then to be displayed life size at The Norton Folgate thoroughfare in East London in a sort of tromp l'oeil fashion.

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